Outside of an exciting Sunday School class and teachers, this group of energetic, upbeat and lively young people get to partake in events with other like-minded area churches.  Some of the past activities have included a scavenger hunt, a mystery dinner, paintball outing and other gatherings that keeps this group hopping.

Check out our Event page for future dates and times of different activities.

Sunday School

One of our goals is to promote relationship with God and with each other. We share prayer requests and challenge each other to memorize scripture. This year, we are studying the origins and belief systems of world religions, starting with our own. We are comparing our world view to that of many others. 

Wednesday Night

What are Baptists? What makes them distinct from other religions and denominations? This lesson series that we are studying is an overview of the Baptist distinctive’s and what makes us Baptist. Many of our students have probably been asked these questions by their peers.  While Biblical teaching such as autonomy of the local church and the separation of church and state may seem obscure or irrelevant to our students right now, we have the opportunity this quarter to not only teach these Biblical truths, but also to teach our students what difference these truths can make in their personal lives while also encouraging our students to have more involvement in their local church.