Sunday School

Our Adult Sunday School class offers a relaxed teaching atmosphere, with opportunities to ask questions, share or have discussions about the topic being presented.

Wednesday Night (6:15 PM)

Jonah is a short, bizarre and powerful book. We don’t learn a lot about the prophet Jonah or hear any prophecy from him. But Paul Tripp is deeply persuaded that every element of a biblical worldview is embedded in these 48 verses. Now, the point of Jonah is not for you to intellectually know every element of a Biblical worldview. We don’t have a problem with our informational theology, where we fall apart is in our functional theology. Our problem is that we don’t live the theology we claim to believe. We know a lot of facts about God and the Bible but have not been transformed by it.

The purpose of Jonah, and this study, is not to merely inform your theology. The purpose of Jonah is transformational. Jonah should change the way you live. Our prayer is that in this study you will encounter the stunning beauty of grace, the grace that is the single hope of the universe.

You may have heard the story of Jonah hundreds of times, but have you ever seen yourself in Jonah? Have you ever seen Jesus in the book of Jonah? You will in these eight sessions. Our prayer is that you will be struck by the awesome Grace of our God and that you would live out the truths of Biblical theology. Your faith is never fully defined by what you believe, it is only fully defined by what you live.

Coffee & Conversations

Women gather to discuss how to become a woman God wants you to be, using scripture. Coffee & Converations will start at 6:30 pm at the church building. Click here to go to the event page to see the date that the ladies will be meeting.