Sunday School

Our Adult Sunday School class offers a relaxed teaching atmosphere, with opportunities to ask questions, share or have discussions about the topic being presented.

Wednesday Night (6:15 PM)

People are asking life’s biggest questions all around you. Are you hearing the questions? Are you ready for the conversation? Everyday Questions is RZIM’s nine-week small group curriculum designed to equip Christians in evangelism.

Collaboratively developed with input from the senior pastor of a growing evangelical church, Everyday Questions will prepare your ministry’s small groups to faithfully love their neighbors and share the gospel in today’s complex and ever-changing world. We’ve done the research for you and compiled it into an easy-to-use, interactive curriculum so that pastors and small group or ministry leaders can give their energy and time to investing in their people.

Everyday Questions features Ravi Zacharias, Abdu Murray, Michael Ramsden, Stuart McAllister, John Njoroge, and Andy Bannister in nine video and discussion sessions, additional notes for group leaders, and mobile access to all of the content for each member of your group.



Coffee & Conversations

Women gather to discuss how to become a woman God wants you to be, using scripture. Coffee & Converations will start at 6:30 pm at the church building. Click here to go to the event page to see the date that the ladies will be meeting.