All children are important and valuable. Here at Bridge of Faith we strive to provide a safe environment in which children can learn about God and grow in their faith all while having fun. As parents, you can breathe easy knowing your kids are safe and secure while having fun, meeting new friends and discovering more about God’s Word. The classes are broken down so that age appropriate learning and fun can take place. And all our teachers and helpers have cleared background checks and have a passion and love for kids. 


We have available a clean nursery for newborn to 3 years of age. It is also a nice place for nursing moms to feel comfortable while nursing. Staffed by volunteers who love children, they seek to involve the kids in games, reading and other activities safe environment.

Please note that all nursery workers undergo a criminal background check and must agree to follow our Children’s worker policy.

Sunday School

3 – 5 Year Old

We have a class for 3-5 age old, they are going through a curriculum called Cubbies that will help introduce God’s Word in a fun and captivating way for this age. It also introduces the importance of memorizing God’s Word.  

1th – 5th Grade

Then for the class for the 1st – 5th we use The STRONG Kids Curriculum from Regular Baptist Press. The children learn about God’s character as they work through the Bible chronologically.  Through Jesus’ love and example, the children learn the gospel, and how to apply the lessons to their lives, and serve others.

6th- 8th Grade

The middle school, grades 6-8, gain a comprehensive overview of the entire bible beginning with the Old Testament period of the patriarchs (Gen-Joshua), the period of the judges (Judges),  the period of the kings (1-2 Samuel, 1-2 Kings, 1-2 Chronicles) and the prophets, which leads us into the New Testament. We study the book of Mark for parables, miracles and the life of Christ. We have special series on the Old Testament tabernacle in the wilderness, Spiritual gifts (1 Cor., Rom) and and overview of future events (Rev.). We then go into an overview of what is a Baptist? What do we believe in and why do we believe it? How are we to live out our faith by applying the Word of God to our everyday lives. In a 3 year period of time, we will become familiar with the books of the Bible, overviews of the Old and New Testament and what a Christian life should look like. The material is from Regular Baptist Press and all the middle school kids are ready to face the challenges of Senior high by the completion of this 3 year curriculum. Hopefully we’re successful in capturing the kids attention and helping them to learn in an open,  friendly atmosphere.

9th – 12th Grade

High school class is for students, grades 9-12. One of their goals is to promote relationships with God and with each other. They share prayer requests and challenge each other to memorize scripture. This year, they are studying the origins and belief systems of world religions, starting with our own. They are comparing our world view to that of many others.

Children’s Church

Another ministry that we offer during the morning Worship Service is Children’s Church where parents & other adults with a heart for kids and a love for God teach a message that is age appropriate for ages three to second grade.  It has singing, teaching, games and is interactive.

AMP’D Student Ministries (6th-12th grade)

Outside of an exciting Sunday School class and teachers, this group of energetic, upbeat and lively young people get to partake in events with other like-minded area churches.  Some of the past activities have included a scavenger hunt, a mystery dinner, paintball outing and other gatherings that keeps this group hopping.

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