Benevolence (Assistance)

Bridge of Faith Baptist Church practices a loving form of assistance known as BENEVOLENCE to those who are truly in need.  People who have a bona fide financial shortage are invited to contact us, meet with our pastor and discuss their current crisis.  The following guidelines set out our policy on the use of these funds.

We encourage you to walk with God.  All of us run short of cash from time to time, frequently, through no fault of our own or because of unforeseen circumstances.  We encourage those who meet with Pastor to learn and practice Biblical guidelines to help them shape their financial future decisions.

We will treat you with dignity and respect.  Any request for funds will be confidential and shared only with the pastor and the Benevolence Committee.

We will never give cash to you.  As stewards of God’s resources, we provide the assistance in the form of a check to landlords, utility companies or in the form of gift cards.

We do not grant financial assistance without prayerful consideration.  We do ask that an Application for Assistance be filled out and returned to the pastor.  A personal interview will be scheduled to discuss the request with the pastor and follow up questions may be asked.  Once information is verified, the decision is made after prayers for guidance and wisdom are offered.

We only provide for basic necessities.  We consider food, clothing, rent and utilities to be basic necessities, all other requests are evaluated by the pastor and Benevolence Committee.  It is not our intent to pay past due phone, charge card or loan payments that go beyond basic needs.

We ask that you accept primary responsibility for your life.  Before seeking Bridge of Faith’s help, we do ask that you first seek resources from your family, friends or other public agencies.  We have professionals willing to meet with you to help you obtain the needed assistance from governmental agencies, even volunteers that are willing to meet with you and help you establish a livable budget.

We are limited in our ability to assist you.  In order to fairly consider all requests that we receiving during the year, we can initially provide up to $100.00 of financial assistance to any individual of family.  Additional funds may be available upon the decision of the pastor and approval of the Benevolence Committee.  The maximum assistance allowed within any given 12-month period is $500 for members and $250 for non-members.  Church members must be active attenders in good standing for six months in order to receive the maximum assistance amount.

The accuracy and completeness of the APPLICATION FOR ASSISTANCE will help us in determining your need and allow us to more quickly discern our ability to help.  Information that is required includes the names of other agencies you have contacted, present job and family living situation, why you sought help from Bridge of Faith and how this need was met in the past and how you plan on meeting it in the future.

Thank you for filling out the Application, we will act upon it, quickly, and lift you up in prayer.  All information is held in the strictest confidence.

Click here to download our Application for Assistance.

Once you have finished filling out the Application please mail or email the completed application to us.