Our History

Our church organized on May 13th in the year 1854. There were ten faithful founding members. The church met in various locations until the fall of 1855, when they entered a modest church building that they had been erecting. The lumber for this building was prepared by some of the church members going into the woods, felling trees, cutting into logs and floating them down the river to one of the Oshkosh mills. There the logs were turned into building material.

This first church stood on Jefferson Ave about halfway between Merritt and Washington Streets in Oshkosh. Later the church was moved to the corner of Merritt and Jefferson Ave. and enlarged. This was the home of the church until the great fire of July 14,1874, which destroyed most of Oshkosh and the church. Another place of worship was started at the same location but on April 28, 1875, a second fire in downtown Oshkosh destroyed this church along with the chapel that had been built as a temporary place of worship.

The church decided that it would be best to seek another location to build a new church so they purchased the lot on the corner of Central Avenue and Church Street. With much faith and prayer, a third church building was erected on this location and occupied until Feb 6, 1901, when it too was destroyed by another fire.

Believing that God had a place and a work for this church, the membership immediately planned for another building and a beautiful new building was constructed. The church worshipped there for the past 118 years until recently when we purchased this building in Omro.